Icelandic Launch Of Wax Logic

So Wax Logic Iceland is now up and running and what a fab team ladies. Conor and I were so well looked after we had a brilliant time.

Iceland was somewhere I always wanted to visit so imagine how happy I was to go there to launch wax logic utterly amazing.

We stayed in Reykjavik and it was the season of the midnight sun so day light "All day "

Halla , Kara and the team made Conor and I so welcome and were so excited to learn everything they could about Wax Logic.

We had training and a super launch night with clients in attendance to see the entire wax logic range.

Conor and I for the first time ever had some "us" time and were treated to a visit to the world famous "Blue Lagoon" which was such a treat.

New accounts were opened on the night and we met so many lovely Icelandic salon owners and therapists.

All in all a trip we will remember with fondness and I will count the days until I return In November to Launch the first Master Wax Training day ....It will be darkness and I might even see the Northern Lights.

Big thanks to all the team at Wax Logic Iceland


Noiren and Conor Chilling at the Blue Lagoon Iceland

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