WAX LOGIC ;bring out the Goddess in you

So I am all about our inner Goddess, but our outer one is pretty darn important as well. Lets face it we women spend a lot of time and money as well as soo much effort...Phew to look good the best we can. So why when we spend money and use good choices when we buy skin care and spend money on what we putinto our body with good clean food do we not relate that concept to wax on our skin???. I don't think its anything more that not thinking. Our skin is the latgest organ in the body it rests, reproduces , excretes, and absorbs(eats) sound like anyone you know??? yes you and me so why compromise in the waxing room. Sure we all expect hair removal and pain reduction but now let me put the thought of whats in the waxes?are they essentially warmed globs of gluey substance thats only purpose is to make you fuzz free?Not wax logic my friends ,I am all about "Skin Health" we are what we eat orally and topically used. Some medicines are appied via that beautiful organ called skin so respect it always.Wax logic wants the best for your skin not just for you to be beautifully bald but for your skin to be improved by the experience of being waxed and having wax logic applied. So please check what are you getting when waxed or if a wax therapists like myself what are you waxing your client with right now?it matters . Like the old saying "penny wise and pounds foolish" a pot of wax for €5 is full of s%@T and is the ingredients based on what you know to be good. No parabens!! No Colours and thats just for start. So remember what is on your or your clients skin for seconds does matter, it goes into our precious body and it deserves so much more. It deserves us to care about it and what we use or  have put on us. As the creator of wax logic and a seasoned wax therapist for 29 years I know good from bad and in wax logic I have created a better future for the client , the therapists and the salon owner. Go on make the change or at least think about whats in your pot or on your skin.xxxNoiren

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