wax logic a whole new waxing experience

wax logic a new concept in waxing 

waxing has changed very little in hundreds of years -until now. In our warm waxes we have taken the latest  ingredients to create "Skin Health" with our two core ingredients in each warm wax  to treat and protect the skin while producing optimal hair removal each and every time. Our specially formulated  warm waxes with the unique 'safe heat delivery' means you can apply our warm wax at similar temperatures to hot wax but giving significant improvements in time, economy and profit while the client has a comfortable waxing experience and leaves your salon with smooth and cared for skin!!

We have the most up to date ingredients and formulas that give us fast drying,economical,no residue hot waxes and we  have matched our waxes with the best range of accessories and complementary products .If you love waxing you will love wax logic!!

          the best choice for

  the client 

the therapists

the business

with wax logic the important things are covered. The Client has No Pain, protected and hydrated skin that glows , can be waxed more often as short hairs are removed with 1st strip and its FAST. A happy Therapists a productive salon , waxing is easier , less tiring and less messy and so much more fun, Of course the Salon owner needs the wax to be wax logic as it is over 40% more economical that the leading brand with over €3500 turn over from just ONE TIN. The salon booms as the therapists can do more treatments in the same time as before with clients sending friends,therapists doing more waxing & wax treatments rising you'll never look back from wax logic

Created by a Therapists for Therapists